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The Central City Association Honors
"Treasures of Los Angeles"
22nd Annual Event Recognizes Business And Community Leaders And Welcomes Rams Back to Los Angeles

The Central City Association of Los Angeles today honored outstanding individuals who made significant contributions to this city at its 22nd Annual "Treasures of Los Angeles" Luncheon event today. The " Treasures of Los Angeles" event celebrates the diversity, strength and excellence of the city of Los Angeles and seeks to honor leaders and organizations that have made an exceptional impact on the community. More

Carol E, Schatz begins a management transition after 25 years at CCA
Carol E. Schatz announces her transition from CCA in a letter to members on Friday, Jan.8. She is slated to stay on as President & CEO of Downtown Center Business Improvement District. More





Regarding Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Minimum Wage Proposal
CCA appreciates Mayor Eric Garcetti's focus on raising Los Angeles residents out of poverty, but we are concerned about possible negative consequences for existing jobs, job creation and business retention unless there are significant changes to his proposal for a citywide minimum wage More

City Council Needs to Play by the Rules In Considering Hotel Wage Mandate
We hope that in the rush to maneuver a new minimum wage mandate for Los Angeles hotel workers through the City Council that we don’t lose our way in honoring American principles – playing by the rules, following the law, making good on commitments. More

Central City Association of Los Angeles Endorses Jeffrey Prang for Los Angeles County Assessor
“Jeffrey Prang has more than two decades of experience in governmentand a proven record as an effective leader and problem solver,” said Carol E. Schatz, President and CEO of CCA. “Importantly, as a Special Assistant in the Office of the Assessor, Jeffrey played a key role in reforming the troubled department,” said Schatz. More

Central City Association of Los Angeles Endorses Miguel Santiago for 53rd Assembly District
“Miguel Santiago understands business’ role in job creation and he will bring a balanced perspective to the issues that will come before the legislature,” said Schatz. “Miguel is a resident of Downtown and knows first hand what it takes to build a strong community. We have enjoyed a long relationship with Miguel in his capacity as District Director for Assembly Speaker John Perez, and believe he is a worthy successor.” More



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