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Building at the center of downtown L.A.'s resurgence is getting a makeover. What's next? - June 8, 2016 L.A. Times
MWest Holdings of Sherman Oaks recently acquired the Italian Renaissance Revival building, which was previously transformed by real estate pioneer Tom Gilmore. "We are going to see more and more of this as the market continues to mature and becomes more sophisticated," said Carol E. Schatz.  View the original article.

Business Groups Protest Plan to Hike City Park Creation Fees  - May 20, 2016 Downtown News
The Los Angeles City Council is considering a proposal to increase fees paid by developers to help pay for the city's parks. Central City Association's Marie Rumsey says that other city fee increases (e.g., affordable housing creating) should be considered before hiking fees. " If adopted as proposed, the park fee ordinance will negatively impact housing production. That is the last thing the city should do in the middle of a housing crisis."  View the original article.

6 paid sick days for workers in L.A.? City Council says yes  - April 19, 2016 L.A. Times
The L.A. City Council backed a proposed law that would give workers six paid sick days annually. Director of Government Relations John Howland says this requirement will impose "a big burden on our local businesses."  View the original article.

CCA Committed to Helping Metro Charter Find a Home - April 11, 2016 Downtown News
"CCA is pleased to continue our relationship with Metro Charter and its many supporters and to redouble the effort to find a suitable, affordable location and work with the Los Angeles Unified School District, the City of Los Angeles and the businesses, employers, property owners and landlords of Downtown to get the job done," said Carol Schatz.  View the original article.

L.A. council OKs law limiting homeless people's belongings to what can fit in a trash bin March 30, 2016 L.A. Times
An ordinance regarding the homeless population in Los Angeles was approved with a 13-1 vote, limiting what homeless people can store to what can fit in a 60-gallon container. "We recognize this is just one step forward to address the homelessness crisis, but right now you have the ability to adopt and ordinance that promotes healthy and safe street," said Carol Schatz.  View the original article.

Sobering Center to Open on Skid Rod March 30, 2016 Los Angeles Sentinel
L.A. County will open its first Sobering Center on Skid Row to alleviate the number of homeless individuals sent to jails and emergency rooms. "This is a compassionate and cost-effective solution to the problem of public intoxication on Skid Row, and one that gives homeless alcohol-dependent individuals a chance to receive mental health, addiction, social work and operational services," Carol Schatz.  View the original article.

Are large-scale housing developments good for LA? March 17, 2016 KPCC
“Mega developments” are facing opposition by the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative and the Build Better LA Campaign. They both seek to restrict construction in different ways, the former being a moratorium on large developments. Carol E. Schatz says the moratorium will especially hurt the local economy and “cripple new housing development.”   View the original article.

Labor and business groups in L.A. are united against one housing measure – and divided by another February 22, 2016 LA Times
For the past few months, labor unions and business leaders have been working together through a coalition to defeat the Neighborhood Initiative, a proposed ballot measure aimed at halting real estate “overdevelopment.” Last week, however, those same labor unions announced a ballot proposal that would essentially halt small to mid-size housing projects, without informing the coalition. Carol E. Schatz says, “It’s outrageous.”  View the original article.

California State Assembly Honors Carol Schatz with Woman of the Year Award March 14, 2016 Assemblymember Miguel Santiago, District 53
The California State Assembly 53rd District presented CCA President & CEO Carol Schatz with its annual Woman of the Year Award, a distinction earned by one woman from each Senate and Assembly District who has made  significant contributions to the district. This is the second time Schatz was recognized for this award commemorating Women’s History
Month. View the original article.

LA businesses urged to fight homelessness February 18, 2016 MyNewsLA
CCA hosted a Homelessness Policy Summit on February 18, a timely event in light of the significant increase of the homeless population in Los Angeles. "We as a business community have to make sure that this results in actions that really make it a place in our community and place for everyone that's a safe and clean place," Carol E. Schatz said. View the original article.

Ballot proposal would require L.A. developers to provide affordable housing February 18, 2016 L.A. Times
A new ballot proposal unveiled on Wednesday "would force real estate developers in Los Angeles to provide affordable housing when seeking approval for residential projects that are larger that planning rules allow." Carol E. Schatz says the proposal "would distract attention from the fight aganist AIDS Healthcare Foundation measure and would ultimately lead to job losses." View the original article.

Downtowners are Young and Have Money, and They Really Like It Here January 22, 2016 Downtown News
Downtown Center Business Improvement District released a pair of reports show a different community compared to the first survey conducted in 2007. The impact of the fairly recent migration to Downtown L.A. is being felt all over Los Angeles County. "It's very gratifying to know that we have created a community that embraces people and who feel embraced by it," says Carol E. Schatz. 

City planning commission backs two towers on Hollywood December 10, 2015 LA Times
Commisioners praised the 731-unit Palladium Residences, which would provide much needed housing. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation plans to qualify a measure of the ballot that would essentially block the Palladium from being built. Carol E. Schatz says, "This proposed initiative wants to stop progress, and that is no way to build a world-class city." View the original article.

Downtown Office Vacancy Rate Falls December 7, 2015 Downtown News
The office vacancy rate in Downtown L.A. was 18.4% in the third quarter, down from 20.4% in the same period in 2014. "With the Downtown retail and residential markets driving Downtown L.A.'s record growth, our commercial office market continues to gain momentum and increasingly is attracting tenants from other markets," says Carol E. Schatz. View the original article.

L.A. Council Declares Shelter Crisis in Effort to Help the Homeless November 17, 2015 LA Times
City Council approved a campaign allowing the homeless to be sheltered in public buildings, temporary shelters, and in their cars in designated lots; made changes that soften authorities' ability to seize property stored on sidewalks and alleys; and created a special fund. Carol E. Schatz weighs in that the "situation citywide is so grave, even if [City Council] loses a little bit of confidence at some point, their feet will be held to the fire by all the communities expereriencing what we've been experiencing for a while." View the original article.

Telecom Leader Wilcon Expanding, Celebrates 17 Years in Downtown Los Angeles November 17, 2015 PR Web
Wilcon, a fiber-optic pioneer, has announced that they are now expanding its service to tenants within major multi-tenant buildings in the city. Carol E. Schatz praises the long-time CCA member, who "provides essential data connectivity services to many important stakeholders throughout Southern California, with its roots originating right here in Downtown L.A. and its continued growth is a testament to its quality and leadership." View the original article.

Downtown BID and Homeless Nonprofit Join Forces November 11, 2015 LA Downtown News
Downtown Center Business Improvement District is partnering with People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) to outreach to more homeless individuals. Carol E. Schatz says. "Working together with PATH provides us an opportunity to leverage their 30 years of experience in assisting the homeless and allows us to seamlessly increase both our outreach efforts and the types and number of services we can offer." View the original article.

Mayor Carcetti asks developers to help fund affordable housing October 23, 2015 KPCC
Requiring developers to pay into affordable housing can be seen as a tax. It would eventually hinder middle-class people from finding a place to rent or buy, as that "tax" would raise the cost of housing in the end. Carol E. Schatz says, "We all know that real estate cycles don't last forever, so doing something now that will put a crimp in development could shorten the length of that hot cycle." View the original article.

Things are looking up for Downtown Los Angeles  October 14, 2015 Chain Store Age
"While we've succeeded beyond our wildest dreams in creating a thriving, living and breathing heart of the city, you cannont help but be taken aback by the enormity of the opportunities that still exist here," says Carol Schatz of Downtown Los Angeles. View the original article.

After A Fashion  October 2015 WWD
"Downtown L.A. is now a prime retail environment and a place for innovative fashion design," says Carol Schatz of Downtown Los Angeles' burgeoning fashion scene. View the original article.

Should L.A. legalize street vendors? Stakes are high for shop owners  September 25, 2015 LA Times
Owners of brick-and-mortar businesses, existing street vendors, councilmembers, and community members weigh in on the prospect of legalized street vending in L.A. Carol E. Schatz says, "It defies logic to say that 17 inspectors and no additional LAPD officers can truly govern 500 miles."  View the original article.

Street vending supports big industry in L.A., despite being illegal September 4, 2015 KPCC
Street vending has its support but also its opposition, particularly from brick-and-mortar business owners. Carol E. Schatz says, "We consider every small business that has opened a small miracle. To have someone able to set up in front of that business, possibly selling the same merchandise or food that is sold within the brick and mortar business, is direct competition and unfair competition, because street vendors don't pay rent."  View the original article.

A Bigger BID in South Park  September 2, 2015 LA Downtown News
South Park Stakeholders Group has announced it is forming South Park II, a new BID which will provide cleaning, safety, and other services. "So much of the economic vitality that one sees in South Park today can be attributed to its well-executed BID, which includes a thoughtfully balanced approach to development," says Paul Keller of Mack Urban  View the original article.

Vacant Herald Examiner building in downtown L.A. to be converted to mixed use  September 1, 2015 LA Times
CCA member Hearst Corporation has teamed up with New York developer The Georgetown Company to redevelop the Herald Examiner building into restaurants and office space. "It's been asleep a long time. It's time to wake her up," says Steve Hearst of Hearst Corporation. View the original article.

250-room W Hotel to be built in downtown L.A.  August 18, 2015 LA Times
CCA member Shenzhen Hazens Real Estate Group announced W Hotel as the operator of the location across Figueroa from L.A.Live, currently occupied by Luxe City Center Hotel.  View the original article.

In downtown LA, residential building trumps commercial  August 7, 2015 KPCC
Dominic Ng, chairman of CCA member East West Bank, recalls, "Nobody was willing to [turn office buildings into condos] because they said it's impossible to turn downtown into a residential area. "Bradford McCarthy, Senior Vice President of CCA member CBRE, adds, "The passing of the Adaptive Reuse Ordinance in 1999 has allowed old buildings to transform into new housing, making downtown L.A. a true residential market."  View the original article.

U.S. Bank Tower owner plans to build a rooftop observatory for tourist  July 14, 2015 LA Times
Lucy Rumantir of CCA member OUE Limited says, "I am sure that we are the only destination that will offer 360-degree views of L.A."  View the original article.

DTLA Construction Booms Across All Sectors  July 7, 2015 Globe St.
"At the highest level, urban lifestyle is becoming increasingly appealing. Millennials want an urban lifestyle is becoming increasingly appealing. Millennials want an urban lifestyle. In downtown specifically, it is that increasing desirability that is fueling construction; it is one of those things that is building on itself, the more people that move downtown, the more amenities come in," says Nicholas Griffin of CCA member Downtown Center Business Improvement District.  View the original article.

As Crime Surges, Downtowners Worry July 28, 2015 LA Downtown News
"We know the police are committed to dealing with {the increased crime rate}. but frankly, a lot of their efforts are hampered by the prison reform legislation," Carol Schatz.  View the original article.

City Council president says L.A. lacks job creation plan, orders new panel to boost employment July 1, 2015 Daily Breeze
L.A. City Council President Herb J. Wesson scruntinzies Mayor Eric Garcetti's record on job creation and L.A.'s lack of a job creation plan. Carol E. Schatz says, "There is great concern and disappointment with the mayor's agenda for business." View the original article.

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