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250-room W Hotel to be built in downtown L.A.  August 18, 2015 LA Times
CCA member Shenzhen Hazens Real Estate Group announced W Hotel as the operator of the location across Figueroa from L.A.Live, currently occupied by Luxe City Center Hotel.  View the original article.

In downtown LA, residential building trumps commercial  August 7, 2015 KPCC
Dominic Ng, chairman of CCA member East West Bank, recalls, "Nobody was willing to [turn office buildings into condos] because they said it's impossible to turn downtown into a residential area. "Bradford McCarthy, Senior Vice President of CCA member CBRE, adds, "The passing of the Adaptive Reuse Ordinance in 1999 has allowed old buildings to transform into new housing, making downtown L.A. a true residential market."  View the original article.

U.S. Bank Tower owner plans to build a rooftop observatory for tourist  July 14, 2015 LA Times
Lucy Rumantir of CCA member OUE Limited says, "I am sure that we are the only destination that will offer 360-degree views of L.A."  View the original article.

DTLA Construction Booms Across All Sectors  July 7, 2015 Globe St.
"At the highest level, urban lifestyle is becoming increasingly appealing. Millennials want an urban lifestyle is becoming increasingly appealing. Millennials want an urban lifestyle. In downtown specifically, it is that increasing desirability that is fueling construction; it is one of those things that is building on itself, the more people that move downtown, the more amenities come in," says Nicholas Griffin of CCA member Downtown Center Business Improvement District.  View the original article.

As Crime Surges, Downtowners Worry July 28, 2015 LA Downtown News
"We know the police are committed to dealing with {the increased crime rate}. but frankly, a lot of their efforts are hampered by the prison reform legislation," Carol Schatz.  View the original article.

City Council president says L.A. lacks job creation plan, orders new panel to boost employment July 1, 2015 Daily Breeze
L.A. City Council President Herb J. Wesson scruntinzies Mayor Eric Garcetti's record on job creation and L.A.'s lack of a job creation plan. Carol E. Schatz says, "There is great concern and disappointment with the mayor's agenda for business." View the original article.

$20 Million Housing Project Coming to the Fashion District June 30, 2015 LA Downtown News
"Pioneers get slaughtered," Saidoff said. "It was eaiser to come [Downtown] after the pioneers laid a foundation." Naty Saidoff, President of Capital Foresight on their new project, the Garment Lofts, a $20 million reinvention of the 1926 Capital Garment Building at 217 E. Eighth St. View the original article.

Los Angeles Confronts a Spike in Homeless June 12, 2015 New York Times
Despite Los Angeles' economic boom as of late, the homeless population as increased 12% in the last two years. Many attribute the increase to gentrification but Carol E. Schatz points to the restriction of hours that police can keep people from staying on the sidewalks overnight. View the original article.

Debate Over Street Vending Heats up June 9, 2015 LA Downtown News
Downtown Center, Historic Core, Fashion District and Chinatown BID's have joined together to protect small business owners whose business whould be jeopordized by legalized street vending. View the original article.

A downtown L.A. bar takes a stand aganst gentrification 2.0 June 5, 2015 L.A. Times 
Downtown Center is always changing, Carol E. Schatz says, "and the market will set the rates. I always suggest we need more mid-market businesses in downtown." View
the original article.

Chinese developer leads transformation of L.A.'s skyline May 5, 2015 LA Times
As chief executive of Chinese development firm Greenland USA, I Fei Chang is overseeing $6 billion worth of real estate development in the U.S., making her one of the biggest developers in the country. "I Fei Chang is an extraordinary woman doing what traditionally has been a man's job in a male-dominated culture," said Carol Schatz. View the original article.

Judge halts Millennium Hollywood skyscraper project April 30, 2015 LA Times
A judge on Thursday halted a developer’s plan to build two massive skyscrapers in the heart of Hollywood, ruling that the city of Los Angeles failed to fully assess how the $1-billion project would affect surrounding neighborhoods. “This is a victory for NIMBYs and abusers of the state’s environmental laws,” said Carol Schatz. View the original article here.

For downtown L.A.'s pedestrians, citations send a 'don't walk' signal
April 11, 2015 LA Times
Roughly 5,000 new residential units are under construction and another 13,000 are being planned in L.A.'s downtown area, says Carol Schatz, head of the Central City Assn. "Now we have over 53,000 people living here. That's good news, but we have to learn how to accommodate all of this new activity" View the original article.

Transformation in store for L.A.'s historic core.
April 2, 2015 Los Angeles Times
A developer plans to build a 33-story apartment tower in a historic neighborhood in downtown Los Angeles, adding its $200-million project to a handful of planned high-rises poised to alter the city's skyline. The project, proposed by Chicago-based Equity Residential, would replace a taco shop and a surface parking lot at 4th and Hill streets in historic downtown, just below Bunker Hill. It underscores the city center's resurgence as an attractive place to live and the revitalization of a historic stretch once beset by drugs and crime. View the originial article.

SunCal purchases L.A. Development Site for $130 Million
March 24, 2015 Bloomberg
SunCal, a developer of master-planned communities, bought a downtown Los Angeles site the size of 11 football fields for $130 million as the aging industrial area transforms into an artsy neighborhood. “This is the largest L.A. development opportunity around,” said Bradford McCarthy, a CBRE Group Inc. senior vice president who represented the seller of the 14.6-acre (5.9-hectare) property in a transaction that closed Tuesday. “For just land, $130 million is a lot to pay. And it’s a lot of acreage.” View the original article.

Big changes proposed for Seventh Street
March 20, 2015 DT News
Seventh Street is one of Downtown’s busiest corridors, thanks to the convergence of the Metro rail station at Flower Street, numerous retail and dining options, and a huge number of offices. The activity on the sidewalks and the street will only continue to boom as two giant projects take shape. The Ratkovich Company’s $180 million The Bloc, a reinvention of an aging retail, office and hotel complex at Seventh and Flower streets, is slated to finish in the fall. Meanwhile, Hanjin International is building the $1 billion replacement for the Wilshire Grand Hotel. View the original article.

Chinese companies invest in U.S. development projects
January 30, 2015 CCTV
There is no sign of a slow down in Chinese investments abroad. Chinese investors are behind an increasing number of development projects in the biggest cities in the U.S., reviving the Los Angeles’ historic downtown is just one of the projects. CCTV America’s May Lee reported this story from Los Angeles. View the original article.

Mayor Garcetti's quake retrofit plan draws cautious early support
January 12, 2014 • Los Angeles Times
Over the last two decades, Los Angeles City Hall showed little interest in proposals that would force property owners to strengthen the thousands of buildings in the city vulnerable to collapse in a major earthquake. This time around, there is much wider support for retrofitting on the City Council. And even prominent property owners and business groups have changed their tone. View the original article

Earthquake Plan Would Require Retrofitting Thousands of Los Angeles Buildings
December 8, 2014 • New York Times
In the most sweeping campaign directed at earthquake safety ever attempted in California, Los Angeles officials proposed Monday to require the owners of thousands of small, wooden apartment buildings and big concrete offices to invest millions of dollars in strengthening them to guard against catastrophic damage in a powerful earthquake. View the original article

Downtown fire: Is developer Geoffrey Palmer destroying downtown or a hero?
December 8, 2014 • KPCC
Geoffrey Palmer, the wealthy developer of the seven-story apartment complex that burned to the ground in a massive fire early Monday morning, has been a controversial and even reviled figure in Los Angeles. View the original article

Some Fear Arts District Development Plan would Ruin the Neighborhood.
December 1, 2014 • Los Angeles Times
The Arts District has reached critical mass. It's the price of success,'' said Carol E. Schatz, addressing the recent changes to the neighborhood. View the original article

With Neighbor Appeal Denied, 28-Story South Park Tower Could Finally Rise.
December 1, 2014 • DT News
Homeowners in Downtown need to realize when they move into a building with a parking lot next door that there is no guarantee that space will remain open; housing developments are rising on former parking lots across the community, from the Historic Core to the Arts District,' said Carol E. Schatz, discussing the development Amacon's new tower in South Park. View the original article

Downtown Leaders Critical as Sidewalk Vending Effort Moves Forward.
November 26, 2014 • DT News
The bottom line is too many critical components are missing. So why is there a key hearing on December 2, knowing full well there’s very little time to analyze a report that comes out a week before it? There’s absolutely no time for input from the people who are affected,” noted Carol E. Schatz addressing the need to fully analyze street vending prior to any policy implementation. View the original article

Geoff Palmer’s Faux-Italian Renaissance.
November 25, 2014 • Los Angeles Magazine
He had done his homework. He found out that there was a demand for Downtown market-rate housing, that the occupancy rate for available housing was over 95 percent. He gambled and won. We all did,” said Carol E. Schatz, discussing GH Palmer's Downtown developments. View the original article

Report: The Developer Behind The Da Vinci Complex Downtown (not to mention the Piero, the Visconti, and the Medici) Isn’t Done Yet
November 25, 2014 • Marc Haefale, Los Angeles Magazine
"You’d be forgiven for wanting to reach out the passenger window of your car and touch the Da Vinci, the newest downtown apartment complex from G.H. Palmer Associates." View the original article

Report: With Neighbor Appeal Denied, 28-Story South Park Tower Could Finally Rise
November 24, 2014 • Donna Evans, Los Angeles Downtown News
"Downtown Los Angeles has generally been welcoming to housing developers, with little of the NIMBY-type opposition to projects seen in Hollywood and other communities." View the original article

The Fight for $15.37 an Hour
November 22, 2014 • New York Times
LAANE purports to combat poverty and promote new jobs, but it only supports union jobs and it will actively help to kill new business projects that are nonunion, for someone without a job, any job can set them on a pathway out of poverty,” noted Carol E. Schatz, addressing the recent implementation of the Hotel Living Wage ordinance. View the original article

Report: Jay Z's Made in America Festival Will Cost L.A. Taxpayers $170,000
November 13, 2014 • BET
"Los Angeles city officials are tallying up the toll of Jay Z's first-ever dual coast festival, and it looks like it will cost the locals a whopping $170,000. What was earned by local businesses –– from the increased foot traffic –– has yet to be revealed." View the original article

Jay Z's Made In America Fest Might Cost Los Angeles Taxpayers $170,000
November 13, 2014 • Vibe
"It looks like Los Angeles residents will have to dig deep into their pockets to pay a hefty tax bill." View the original article

Report: Jay Z's Made in America Festival Will Cost L.A. Taxpayers $170,000
November 10, 2014 • Los Angeles Times
"Taxpayers may wind up paying about $170,000 to cover expenses associated with Made in America, the two-day music festival promoted by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and held outside City Hall." View the original article

Carol E. Schatz, discussing Durazo's plans to join Unite Here.
October 29, 2014 • Los Angeles Times
"We hope that under [Maria Elena Durazo's] successor, labor and business can work more collaboratively". "Maria Elena Durazo leaving top post at L.A. County Federation of Labor."

Carol E. Schatz, discussing La Plaza de Cultura y Artes Foundation's plans to development a 341 apartment mixed-use project near Olvera Street and Union Station.
October 28, 2014 • Los Angeles Times
"We think this is a very important project". "Downtown's development boom nears historic Olvera Street."

CCA President & CEO, Carol Schatz speaks to KABC Radio regarding Japanese firm, Kinkisharyo and the proposed Palmdale rail-car plant
Listen Now

Business leaders say labor is pushing rail car plant from L.A. County
October 20, 2014 • Laura J. Nelson, LA Times
"Los Angeles County officials and business leaders rose to the defense of a Japanese company Monday that has all but given up plans to build a $60-million manufacturing facility in the Antelope Valley because of a dispute with local labor leaders. Two years ago, Osaka-based Kinkisharyo International won an $890-million contract to build 175 light-rail cars for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority." View the original article

Downtowners Displeased as Closure of Park and Plaza Passes One-Year Mark
September 29, 2014 • Eddie Kim, Los Angeles Downtown News
"Grand Central Market is one of the hottest dining destinations in the city, with stands such as Wexler’s Deli, Eggslut and Horse Thief BBQ drawing crowds and generating national press. However, if any visitor to the market wanted to take his or her meal and head across Hill Street for an al fresco picnic, as they did for years, they’d be out of luck — an inviting public plaza sits off limits behind an imposing chain link fence." View the original article

California Affordable Homes in Short Supply After Cuts
September 23, 2014 • John Gittelsohn & Nadja Brandt, Bloomberg
"The 160 units at Santa Monica, California’s Belmar Apartments received 4,600 applications ahead of the project’s July opening, a measure of the competition for scarce affordable housing. The Related Cos. project, where two-bedroom units rent for $946 a month, is among the last built with financing from redevelopment agencies, the taxpayer-backed programs that Governor Jerry Brown eliminated three years ago to help balance California’s budget. Without that source of $1 billion a year, the state’s supply of funds for building low- and moderate-income housing is running dry as real estate prices surge." View the original article

Council to vote on $15.37 minimum wage for workers at big hotels
September 22, 2014 • Emily Alpert Reyes & David Zahniser, LA Times
"The drive to boost minimum wages in Los Angeles could reach a milestone this week as the City Council votes on a proposal to raise the hourly pay of thousands of workers at big hotels to at least $15.37. That would be more than $2 an hour higher than the minimum wage Mayor Eric Garcetti is advocating for workers citywide." View the original article

A Look at Downtown's New 22-Story, $120 Million Housing Tower
September 19, 2014 • Donna Evans, Los Angeles Downtown News
"Getting to know your neighbors in a residential high-rise can happen in any number of ways. The developers of the just-opened 22-story Eighth and Hope are banking on it happening in the mailroom." View the original article

Downtown business group: Changes needed in Garcetti's wage hike plan
September 12, 2014 • Emily Alpert Reyes, LA Times
"A business advocacy group says it might consider backing a boost to the Los Angeles minimum wage — but only if Mayor Eric Garcetti adjusts his plan to phase in wage hikes more slowly, allow lower pay for teenage workers and count tips and benefits toward pay requirements." View the original article

Mayor Garcetti says L.A. discussing ballot measure on business tax
September 11, 2014 • David Zahniser, LA Times
"Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said Thursday he and other elected officials were exploring the possibility of a ballot measure that would eliminate the city's tax on business receipts and replace it with a different tax on companies. Garcetti, who has been pitching a plan for raising the minimum wage to $13.25 per hour by 2017, said talks have been taking place at City Hall about a tax proposal that could reach the voters as soon as March." View the original article

Red Wings Owner, Needing Hockey-Arena Neighborhood, Builds One
August 6, 2014 • Chris Christoff, Bloomberg
"Billionaire Mike Ilitch and his family plan to create an instantaneous neighborhood around Detroit''s new hockey arena and jump-start an economic recovery where other sports ventures fell short." View the original article

Downtown L.A. real estate back in fashion
July 23, 2014 • Don Jergler, Los Angeles Register
"Downtown Los Angeles seems to be returning to its circa-1930s reputation as a bustling shopping area where one can go to find the latest fashions." View the original article

Downtown Los Angeles Makes A Dramatic Comeback
July 2014 • Mark Thompson, Global Traveller
"If Jane Jacobs'' definition of urban success — diversity, density and dynamism — holds true, then downtown Los Angeles is well on its way to becoming a West Coast SoHo. There''s housing stock with provenance and an abundance of historic commercial space, as well as an educated, high-income demographic. “It''s very creative, cutting-edge — and it''s just exploding,” says Adele Yellin of The Yellin Co., which operates the downtown''s historic Grand Central Market." View the original article

AEG To Consolidate Offices In Historic Downtown LA Building
July 8, 2014 • CBS Los Angeles
"City officials and Southland business leaders Tuesday joined AEG executives to announce the company''s expansion and new investments in Los Angeles." View the original article

L.A. considering financial assistance for hotel projects
June 23, 2014 • By David Zahniser, Los Angeles Times
"The Los Angeles City Council is looking at providing nearly $180 million in subsidies to two major downtown hotel projects, while also setting the stage for other hotel deals across the city... In addition to those two deals, the committee will vet a new policy to let hotel builders in other parts of the city keep a major share of the tax revenue generated by their projects, as long as they meet certain criteria. Those taxes normally flow to the city's budget, helping to pay for police, fire and other services."
Read the full article (PDF)
View the original article

Downtown L.A. carwash owner cleans up in sale estimated at $25 million
May 8, 2014 • By Roger Vincent, Andrew Khouri, Los Angeles Times
"Purchased for $525,000 in 1980, the Downtown Car Wash across the street from L.A. Live was bought by a local developer who plans to build a high-rise hotel-and-residential complex at the busy crossroads of Olympic Boulevard and Figueroa Street." View the original article

DTLA-ers Boast About Downtown Boom
By Michael Ventre, Los Angeles Confidential
"As Downtown explodes into Boomtown, three DTLA-ers of note give the 213 on LA's most dynamic 'new' hood." View the original article

With Trade Center Sale, Broadway Hopes to Trade Up
April 22, 2014 • By Donna Evans,
"Downtown Los Angeles stakeholders were abuzz last week over the announcement of the sale of the Broadway Trade Center, a 1.1 million-square-foot behemoth in the heart of a rebounding area. However, the buzz has not subsided, and will likely only grow: Everyone wants to know what will become of, and what businesses will fill, the former Hamburger Department Store." View the original article

Garcetti shares 'back to basics' agenda in State of the City address
April 10, 2014 • By David Zahniser, Emily Alpert Reyes and Soumya Karlamangla, Los Angeles Times
"Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti presented a long and eclectic list of initiatives in his first State of the City address Thursday, promising to reinvigorate the city's major boulevards, cut taxes for businesses, put building records online and keep a lid on rates at the Department of Water and Power." View the original article

Downtown L.A. Goes From Gritty to Glitzy
April 10, 2014 • By Lauren Schuker, Wall Street Journal
"Once a cultural wasteland, downtown Los Angeles is undergoing a revitalization that includes million-dollar condos, boutique shopping and stylish dining. But Skid Row stays put." View the original article

City's Proposed Minimum Wage Increase: Helpful Or Costly For Protected Workers?
March 2, 2014 • By Parimal Rohit,
"Depending upon who you ask, if Los Angeles passes its proposed minimum wage mandate, a handful of employees at the two major hotels here in Century City may either have more money to pump into the economy or standing in the unemployment line looking for new work." View the original article

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